Monday, September 21, 2009

play time with ponies

Fun! Fun! Fun today! Boo and I started off with some liberty stuff, basically hanging out for a brushing in the big field while Cuervo ate hay nearby...that is challenging for a big gal who hoovers hay like a tornado from the movie twister. Not to mention "moi" has been very lax in that department, letting her eat her breaky while I groom....bad mommy bad mommy! anyhow, she was very excited to be picked first for once and so I thought why not. There where a few walk off attempts but she went smoothly into a back up when I called and backed right up under my brush! grin. So cute! Of course I couldn't resist and made the beeping noise that trucks use when they are backing up. Hey, if you ever have been up close to the big Boo you know what it looks like when that big bohunk is coming your way. It begs for that beeping noise.....

We progressed to some WESN (no lead rope) and while the canter departs where no where to be seen today her stops where very nice. She seems a bit creaky to me here, I'm wondering if 14 years old is the magic number to start with cortaflex. It helped Zee so much.... hmmm,I digress. We where having some nice praise time when Cuervo decided if pets where being doled out, he was going to get his...So much for the hay keeping him busy.(grin) Anyway we all had a great time leading at liberty ( one on each side) even through the "trot to stops". Then, pushing my luck, I tried for a canter to stop, and , well... the horses won that foot race and Boo for giggles decided Cuervo was not going to horn in on her time. So he got the hoof and I had to call Boo back into position,park her and then call Cuervy back. Since I'm still a bit icky from what ever I ate two days ago that whipped my butt. So bridle work was my next thought. Nice slow, bridle work in control, on the ground.....Boo had great self carriage from the gecko( that's" from the get- go" in Rog speak...wink wink) So we did some lateral work and just as I thought the hips trailed both directions. Since canter departs did not exist today I figured the hips would be "broken". So on that note, we worked on some disengaging the hips both sides via Hip shoulder shoulder and some backing with disengage thrown in the mix to speed up the backing and viola, hips came on line and we had one really nice depart to the left ...Goody, big pets and she was done for the day! Of course after all the love there was a bee line to the hay pile, it is Boo after all. Cuervo then got a little liberty leading fun with the addition of a nice little ditch jump compliments of the ten inches of rain we had last week. He was more than happy to jump it with me or after me, but the real challenge for him was to do it without me...mission accomplished on the third try! He is soooo precious. Anyhow I was getting woozy so had to call it quits but we had nice "trot to stops" all the way to the barn for a cookie. I love my ponies and am getting so spoiled being able to focus on only them for once!

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