Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Alright folks, I'm sticking my toes in the Parelli Program pool. As many of you know Nibs went to some great people in Oregon who are Parelli followers. In keeping up with him I have made a new friend. His new "mom" has been following Parelli for 8 years and Ive really enjoyed our discussions on horse training. Well, recently she shared her horseanaliy DVD with me and I gotta tell ya, Its pretty darn interesting. Using their charting method on all the horses I have owned has been eye opening. Just as a "for instance", when I chose my old Arab Figgy and picked Boo for the Lyons program I did so wanting complete opposites. You know, to get that "full" training experience. grin. Well, man did I ever pick polar opposites. So not only where they totally different physically, gender wise, and breed wise they charted differently too.

I hear you all rolling your eyes out there saying "well duh, of course they would be opposites just look at them" But hear me out. This chart you make for your horse doesn't help you classify your horse, nor does it pigeon hole him either. It simply gives you structure for your impression of your horse! Here's the kicker though, then it goes on to tell you how best to train him!

Oh sit down will ya? Look, how many times have I heard "but how do I know what exercise to use when?" and I'm like" well, start here then if its not working go here?" Then I would usually get the old "well, I did the wrong thing because..." OK ,well...? You know who you are out there! grin. What I'm saying to you is that this chart helps to explain how YOU have to be WITH IN the exercises for your type of horse! Its pretty darn brilliant. I can tell you all day what my impressions are of your horse but if you are having trouble accepting that immpression then the chart will help you! Im just sayin'.....

Now let me tell you what totally gelled in my head as I watched this DVD. Cuervo, (my baby!) is an extrovert, this we knew, but what I didn't know was that he has left and right brain tendencies in extreme and equal amounts. This means nothing to you right now I know, and it doesn't have to. What it did for me is to help me figure out what would be the most effective way/ method to present the training to him. According to the chart, he needs to play and feel safe. I'm not sure I could have verbalized that. Instinctively, for the most part I succeeded in our sessions, but you know those times when you go home from the barn thinking"wow that was good , but something is missing, hmmmmm" Well that's where the chart shed light for me.

You have all heard me talk about my time in Johns program. My struggles with Boo and challenges with Figgy. If I had had this template then? Wow! My job would have been a bit easier. If only for the fact that I could have had a better idea of what I truly needed to change/improve in myself. Now let me wax philosophic for a minute. Ive always said "horse training teaches you about life and life teaches you about horse training" I also believe that everything happens for a reason and at the right time. Usually not soon enough and in the least expected way. grin! Anyway, the clarity I experienced after watching the DVD put a lot of the goings on in the past three years into perspective for me. Nibs had to go Or or I never would have met his new family, Cuervos physical problems kept me from pushing on him and myself in his learning which is good as I needed more information to make this journey as great as its going to be. There's more on deeper,more personal levels but I'll save those for myself for now. I just wanted to give a shout out to Horsanality. It may be the key you need to break through to the next level with your horse.


  1. thanks for posting. I found the chart interesting/clarifying. annie omens

    how's your new life?

  2. Hi annie! new life is great! thanks for asking, glad you liked the chart as well! gotta ad that my fav. quote from the DVD and its key to successfully useing the chart is "It will help you know how to deal with the horse that shows up that day" meaning: your horse will exhibit all facets of his personality in varying amounts every day so your approach will need to match what he gives you on a per minute, per hour, per day basis! so cool!