Monday, December 21, 2009

Pony fun!

Cuervo and I have been fooling with a few fun things so I thought I would record the progress. He's such a ham..... We built on what I discovered during our trailer loading session before our grand exodus east. But I didnt like the "cue" so back to the round pen and low and behold we got a good start on our "levade" on a recall. I simply stopped him with more energy on his way to me at a canter. From there I could stop him and then ask for the energy to go up and now we have a pretty good cue that nets me the same idea with out the round pen, halter or speed. Here is the succession, if you will, Don't you love that his hair lands last? I'll have you know he was all beautified that morning, then I had to go to lessons and I returned to Mr. tanglemane mudsides!

The tire work is more challenging as our boy can jump over, around, laterally across...well, you get the picture. Slowing it down was the challenge. My next goal is to load him onto it backwards, then work on various pairs of feet remaining on the tire and then maybe levade on the tire!? who knows.... What ever we find fun! Thanks to Timmie for being the frosted over photographer. As you can tell by my michelan man look it was COLD out.

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